Bonjour Keithy

RAIZA ROSE KEITH MASANGKAY TORRES too long right? Call her "Keithy" and never adress her "Raiza". Coming from the City of 'gera' I mean Zamboanga. A 14 year-old happy kiddo who dreams about castles and flying unicorns. She eats anything with cheese. Married with 12 gays called EXO. She's engaged with her Bed and in a relationship with Food. She's a loveless fan girl day dreaming about Greyson Chance. She wish to steal Ariana Grande's vocal chords and Taylor Swift's fabulous curly hair. One of her dreams is to dye her hair like Hayley William's. There's a girl called Erika Rabara that caused her to be obsessed and insane. She also commited vanity. Poor girl who loves photography ang pornography. Oopps! Kidding ;) She hate frogs and she swore to God that she'll never eat peanuts again but she keeps on craving for more peanut butter. She loves being alone in her room and dance like a pro that she feels like Chachi Gonzales and fantasize about her future only when she's in the mood. Lastly, her middle finger salutes Jeje people out there. Oopsy sorry not sorry.
PS. Sorry for the english ajuju

Friends who stay under the sun
See themselves gone
Out having fun
Together they take a stand

I would like to stay as a shadow
Behind a big window
Anonymous as seen
Hiding at the dim
For it hideaway
Under the light of the day
Faceless and expressionless
Always seen less

The children of the damned

When I don’t do anything
You complain
If I try doing something
You complain
I always feel this pain
But I never complain

The crowds went wild. I was cold-hand with heart beats like galloping horses. Waiting to be sang is my name. That they give their “Congrats” to one another as I stood there. Looking at the jungle as some of them were teary eyed. Still, I wasn’t called. That very moment when they started shaking hands. Compliments are head line stories.

Am I never good enough? Yes, I know that. I never ever felt special or important. For ages I feel like a stone. I mean, is intelligence a requirement to be recognized nor to be seen? It’s like I am a transparent figure. All the opportunities were just passing through. Is it my fault? Or maybe I was smart but apparently they were smarter. I grew up seeing intelligence as a big deal and I know it really is. And yes by achieving it you prove something, but does it improve you? Does it cope up your attitude? Does it improve your personality? Does it improve the way you treat the others?

What about those who weren’t part of that so called intelligent people? Do they have space on your eyes? Can you see them? HOW do you see them? Maybe you belittle them. You were once a little seedling too. But then you were sprinkled and so you flowered. You shall not keep those sprinkles just for you. Why don’t you shower it to everyone? Give some chances, don’t take all of them for you are not the only one who wants it. But a crowd is waiting even for its bits.

Intelligence is the ability to survive. To survive all the never ending circumstances that surrounds you. To overcome the bad vibes you have in a day. To ignore the deadly stares and their words like knives that stabs you continuously. To cover your bleeding eyes every night where you let everything out. You don’t live for intelligence, you survive from it.

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